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109, 2021

Misdemeanor Domestic Violence and Getting your Right to Keep and Bear Arms Back in Nevada

September 1st, 2021|Domestic Violence|

The following are commonly asked questions about getting a Pardon so that you can keep your right to bear arms after receiving a Misdemeanor Domestic Violence conviction.

Question:  Now that I am finishing my domestic violence case – and have a domestic violence conviction, can I ever get my right to own a firearm back?

Answer: Yes, if you successfully file for a Pardon from The Nevada Pardon Board […]

408, 2021

Sealing a Misdemeanor DUI Conviction in Las Vegas

August 4th, 2021|DUI|

Being convicted of a misdemeanor DUI has landed you a criminal record.  Have you heard about sealing your record?  If you have a DUI misdemeanor conviction on your record in Nevada, you may petition the Court of jurisdiction to seal your DUI arrest and conviction.  Misdemeanor DUI convictions are eligible to be sealed in Las Vegas, Clark County or any county in Nevada; but, you must have […]

3112, 2019

Lyft Donated $10,000 On NYE to Help MADD Prevent DUIs

December 31st, 2019|DUI School Blog|

For the fifth annual year Lyft CEO John Zimmer has donated $10,000 to MADD on NYE’s in their partnership to help end drunk driving. With autonomous driving and ride share services, that reality may come true within the coming decade. John has been leading the charge for his 7th year driving on New Years Eve with a special co-pilot – His Mom – but began bringing awareness to the organization in 2014 by […]

2107, 2019

You Can Get A DUI While You’re Asleep in the Backseat

July 21st, 2019|DUI School Blog|

As a DUI School, we speak with our students often about their circumstances and what lead to them driving drunk. They range from your average, but unfortunate “I had one beer too many and didn’t realize I was drunk” to the extreme of crashing their car into their own home while drunk. But, the question of whether someone sleeping off their drunkenness in the backseat […]

2506, 2019

Nevada petit larceny charge – 12 things you need to know

June 25th, 2019|online shoplifting course, petit larceny, petty larceny, petty theft, retail theft, shoplifting|

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1) What is Petit Larceny in Nevada?

A petit larceny charge is applied to thefts of property with a value of under $650. Shoplifting is the most common petit larceny crime. In Nevada the legal definition of “shoplifting” is when someone “intentionally steals, takes or carries away” store property. The legal name for shoplifting is “larceny.” The seriousness of the charges depends on the value of the goods allegedly stolen. If the value […]

506, 2019

Autonomous Vehicles Will Bankrupt Courts Over The Next Decade And There’s No Plan In Place to Prevent It

June 5th, 2019|Autonomous Vehicles, DUI School Blog|

Autonomous Vehicles Are Bankrupting Courts Over The Next Decade

And There’s No Plan In Place to Prevent It

Nevada and the rest of the country is facing a problem in the next decade. With the ubiquity of self-driving vehicles and the Country’s reliance on funding Government Institutions such as Courts and Police Depts. with an overabundance of traffic tickets and Court fines stemming from […]


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