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Online DUI Class Nevada – $95

Free DUI Victim Impact Panel

Free 1 hr victim impact panel included on your certificate! Accepted by most courts, please check with your judge for approval to receive credit

DMV Licensed & Court Approved

Accepted by all courts statewide in Nevada. Licensed by the Nevada Dept. of Motor Vehicles. Satisfies the 8 hour, court ordered DWI class required for level 1 convictions

IMMEDIATE Course Certificate

Certificate of Completion FREE upon completion of course. Must pass with a 70% or higher. Unlimited retakes at no additional charge.

FOR SUPPORT:          Phone: (775) 338-6269           EMAIL: [email protected]


“I would recommend this course to anyone who needs to take a DUI 8 hour course. I was able to complete the course during breaks at work and in the evenings and did not have to take time off of work.”
Alex P.
“I live in Henderson Nevada and was ordered to take a Victim Impact Panel besides taking the Level 1 DUI class. Thank you for the convenience of your online class and the free Victim Impact Panel!”
Many G.
“I think this school has a lot to offer and I would not hesitate to recommend it to others.”
Nancy S.
“Good videos and gifs, very well done course.”
Mack R.
“I never thought this would happen to me. But I’m glad I took your course. I learned so much, but more than anything that I will never drink and drive again.”
Dan N.
“It was informative and smartly put together. Kept my full interest.”
Morgan F
“Taking this course has improved my way of thinking when it comes to drinking and drive the effects that it has on not only person driving but victims of families from drunk drivers.”
Steve F.
“Comprehensive subject matter. Great presentation. “
Bill D.

Begin your course immediately

12 easy to learn sections that contain videos, graphics and text that makes learning simple!

  •  Short review quiz at the end of each section prepares you for 25 question final exam.

  •  Take at your own pace:  log in and out; your place will be saved.

  •  Complete your final exam with a score of 70% or higher. Retake final exam as many times as needed- at no additional cost.


FREE Victim Impact Panel

($50 value)

What is a Victim Impact Panel?

The Victim Impact Panel (VIP) is a court ordered program for those persons sentenced for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  Impaired drivers are given the opportunity to learn from their misjudgment and be given an insight of the long lasting and long-term affects that victims and survivors of DUI/DWI experience and share in a panel discussion.  These panels have been effective in providing empathy and understanding of the tragedy of DUI/DWI that affects the lives of so many people.  From the feedback we receive from our students, Victim Impact Panels have made a tremendous impression that helps change their thinking and behavior when it comes to impaired driving.  We invite you to share this online panel with friends and family.

  • 1 hour Victim Impact Panel is included FREE in your DUI Level 1, 8 hour course.

  •  We designed this online VIP for the convenience of our clients with hardship circumstances that prevent them from attending a classroom V.I.P. and for alcohol and drug DUI, Level 1 students in rural areas.

  • Although this free online Victim Impact Panel is accepted by most courts, be sure to verify with your court, your attorney, probation officer or sponsor that an online victim impact panel will satisfy your judge’s requirements.

  • Proof of your attendance of the Victim Impact Panel is noted directly on your DUI Certificate of Completion.


“Some of the videos were powerful in my eyes, made me see things a lot differently.”
D. Mercer
“Seeing and hearing people’s real life experiences was key.”
P. Hutton
“I’ll be sharing the information with younger kids I work with. It’s going to change and save lives.”
M. Lenz
“I’m grateful for what has happened to me, it was stupid, but now I can help stop others from doing the same stupid act.”
S. Quinn