The following are commonly asked questions about getting a Pardon so that you can keep your right to bear arms after receiving a Misdemeanor Domestic Violence conviction.

Question:  Now that I am finishing my domestic violence case – and have a domestic violence conviction, can I ever get my right to own a firearm back?

Answer: Yes, if you successfully file for a Pardon from The Nevada Pardon Board and it is granted.

Question: How long do I have to wait? How much does it cost?

Answers:  For a misdemeanor DV, five (5) years from when you are released from custody or from when you were last under a suspended sentence.

Other crimes have various waiting periods as well:

For an E felony, 6 years;

For a B, C, D felony 8 years;

For a D or C felony, it is 9 years; and

For a category A felony, 12 years.

Question: How does the Pardon Board decide on whether or not to grant my pardon?

Answer: Based upon 4 criteria:

# 1 – Post-Conviction character and conduct -demonstrated ability to lead a responsible and productive life for a significant period of time.

# 2 – Seriousness and relative recency of the offense – When did it occur,  was it  a violent act, did it result in injury and/or financial losses ?

# 3 – Acceptance of responsibility, remorse and atonement – Do you accept blame, have you paid restitution, do you genuinely desire forgiveness?

# 4 Need for Relief – Why do you need a pardon? Is it for work purposes, can you prove that? Why do you want or need to possess firearms – do you carry a lot of cash, do you have a family to protect?

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