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Brandon Shaw is the manager of 123DUIOnline.com, a Nevada Court required online DUI school in addition to an alcohol education instructor of 12 years creating drunk driving class curriculums, leading NV Victim Impact Panels & teaching traffic school. Co-Founder and consultant at ABC, he headed content creation, website developer & marketing before launching 123 DUI Online in 2012. Author of "The Uber Effect" - a research paper cited in over a dozen national publication articles.

Uber creates a 10% drop in DUIs

With Uber rising to 8 million active customers, it’s not a leap to suggest DUI could be reduced. It’s almost common knowledge an average DUI can run around $10,000 for a first offense, which includes a victim impact panel, DUI school, attorney & court fees as well as a suspended license. Compared to a $15 [...]

Uber creates a 10% drop in DUIs2022-02-09T15:08:15+00:00

Ohio’s DUI Scarlet Letter Plates

Since 2004, Ohio has mandated anyone who has been charged with a DUI must use an identifying “scarlet letter license plate” As we teach in our Nevada online DUI school, those that are allowed a restricted license after being convicted of a DWI must exchange their normal license plates for a garish red and yellow [...]

Ohio’s DUI Scarlet Letter Plates2022-02-09T05:55:38+00:00

Nevada’s DUI Implied Consent Law is Ruled Unconstitutional

From The Las Vegas Review Journal On October 16th the Nevada Supreme Court ruled the state DUI Implied Consent law is unconstitutional. Based on a 2013 U.S. Supreme Court decision called Missouri v. McNeely, the Nevada court said in a unanimous decision that the state’s law violates the Fourth Amendment against unreasonable search. Las Vegas attorney [...]

Nevada’s DUI Implied Consent Law is Ruled Unconstitutional2022-02-09T15:46:12+00:00


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