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Terms Of Service: All sales of this course is final after the customer has completed at minimum 1hr of their class. If a student completes their DUI school, submits their certificate of completion to their Court and then issues a charge back ABC Drive Safe LLC will be forced to file a police report for theft of goods, submit the evidence to the defendant’s Court and pursue lost income in small claims court. This addendum is only in place due to this occurrence happening multiple times to our business and have been advised to place this warning as a deterrent for other clients that attempt this course of action. We treat all customers fairly and provide as much support as they need in all other circumstances in addition to payment plans for those in financial strains.

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Our flat rate of $50.00 includes everything you need with absolutely no hidden fees.

Download your free Certificate immediately upon successful completion to print, fax or email to the court. Guaranteed to pass! Not only can you retake the final exam unlimited times at no extra charge or wait time……but if you get an answer wrong, just review your quizzes and final exam test- you will immediately see any incorrect answer …. and what the correct answer should be!

Our Victim Impact Panel is included with your Level 1 Alcohol/Drug class.  Upon successful completion of your course, confirmation of your Victim Impact Panel will print directly on your Certificate of Completion. Online VIP is accepted in nearly every city in NV. Be sure to check with your Court for credit approval of the online Victim Impact Panel.


Take this course on your Computer, Tablet or Smartphone. . This course is  filmed at an oringal Nevada Court Victim Impact Panel & is court approved for rural offenders.  This course is designed to use on all Windows, Apple, Android and iOS devices.

EASY COURSE ACCOUNT CREATION- Don’t have all your court information handy?

No problem…..After payment, you will be redirected to your profile/registration page.  You may still register and begin your course by filling in all fields. Just put in “will provide” or fill in an approximate court ordered completion date to temporarily by-pass this step.  We will remind you in the last section of the course to go back to your registration tab and complete any missing information.    The information you enter is automatically inserted into your certificate of completion for the courts to find your record.

We are friendly and happy to answer any questions you may have.

Customer support is a phone call away. You will not be sent to a call center in another country, Live Local support is available 8:30 am-7:00 pm 7 days a week. You may also text us: (775) 338-6269.


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