Course Contents

Section 1: Drugs

  • What Are Drugs?
  • Drug Facts
  • Drug Myths
  • The History of Drugs
  • Types of Drugs



Prescription Drugs and Driving

Opiates and Opioids




Dissociative drugs

  • Drug Use Statistics
  • Causes of Drug Use

2: The Body on Alcohol

What is Alcohol?

Health Consequences of Alcohol Use

Alcohol Myths and Facts

Effects of Alcohol on the Body

The Cellular Level

Alcohol and the Heart

Alcohol and the Liver

Pancreas and Alcohol

Alcohol and Kidneys

The Digestive System and Alcohol


The reproductive system

Effects of Alcohol in the Womb

Effects of Alcohol on the Brain

The Central Nervous System and Alcohol

Why a Hangover?

More Alcohol Myths and Facts

Section 3: The body on drugs

Health Consequences of Drug Use

Drug Delivery Methods

Effects of Drugs on the Body

Cardiovascular Effects

The Liver

The Respiratory System

The Reproductive System

Babies Born Hooked on Prescription Drugs

The Digestive System

Weight Loss/Weight Gain

The Brain

The Central Nervous System

Did You Know…?

Consequences of Adolescent Drug Use




Section 4: Addiction and Abuse

What is Drug Abuse?

Risk Factors

Signs of Drug Abuse

Your Drug Use Pattern

Drug Statistics and Effects on Society

Mixing Drugs

Alcohol Abuse and Patterns



Seeking Help


Section 5: Consequences and making choices

Drunk Driving Affects Everyone

Legal Consequences

Minor in Possession Definition

Did You Know…?

Related underage drinking offenses in Nevada

Stages of Change

Support Groups

Writing Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Preventative Trigger Avoidance

Healthy Relationships and Communications

Abstinence Violation Effect

Relapse Prevention Therapy

Locus of Control

Section 6: Driving under the influence

Teens, Drinking and Drugs

What are the causes and risk factors of teen alcoholism?

Where Can Teens Get Help


Driving Skills For Life Program

Teenage drunk driving

Section 7: Resources

Where to seek help or have questions answered

Resources in northern, southern and outlaying communities in Nevada.

Minor in Possession Course


Court-mandated drug and alcohol education

This Minor in Possession Course meets all Nevada requirements for court-ordered alcohol and drug education for juveniles.

In Nevada, it is against the law for youth under the age of 21 to buy, consume or possess alcohol or controlled substances. Nevada Revised Statute 62E.630 and 62E.620 define the consequences of this offense, which may include mandated education.

Drugs and Alcohol

Most people think of drugs in two ways: either a medicine requiring a doctor’s prescription or a substance that is considered illegal. However the reality is much larger. Aspirin, cough medicine, herbal remedies, energy drinks and even tobacco products are drugs. Anything that alters a biological process is considered a drug. Alcohol is also a drug. It affects the mind, reduces a person’s ability to think rationally and distorts judgment.

Minor in Possession offenses

You can be cited for possession if you are under 21 and:

►You are holding an open or closed container of alcohol—even if you are not drinking it.

►You purchase alcohol

► You exhibits signs/symptoms of having consumed alcohol (verified by breath test or other investigative means approved for law enforcement)

►There is alcohol in a car you are in without your parent or legal guardian present—even if the alcohol is in a sealed container.

►You are in a public or private setting, without your parent or legal guardian present, and have alcohol near enough that it could be assumed to be yours.

Why take this Minor in Possession Course

Our Minor in Possession Course is 100% online. Sign in and out as often as you like, whenever you like. The course will keep track of your time and progress. It is compatible with tablets, smartphones and computers.

About the Minor in Possession Course

This minor in possession course covers the different types of drugs. It then explains how the different systems of the body are impacted by drug use. Statistics show the prevalence of use by minors. The course also helps pinpoint problem areas and provides tips for prevention. Finally, the Minor in Possession Course also provides resources in Nevada for teens and for dealing with addictions.

We also offer a Substance Abuse Course.