ABC DUI Online began as a small, family run DUI school. We believe that the course should be an education, not a punishment.  That’s why we made it easy to read, and user friendly.  You can take this course on  a computer, tablet or smart phone.  It is filled with images and videos that help clarify and at times, when appropriate, even give you a few chuckles.  This is not a class where you need to remember a lot of facts and parrot them back to pass. We guarantee you will pass and you will have unlimited retakes on your final. The easy 25 question final contain the same quiz questions that are reviewed at the end of each section.  You will need to pass with a 70% or higher and receive a certificate of completion to present to the court.

Our price is only $95.00 and includes a FREE 1 hour Victim Impact Panel. But please check with your court to make sure they allow it to be online.  Many judges refer directly to us because the online VIP is included.  Everything else: the timer, quiz question, account passwords, all are required by the DMV and Courts to be a licensed DUI school.

We’re looking to become more widely known and seen as an easy alternative to jail. We want to be associated with education, learning and victim impact panel videos. But, that can only start with you.

By leaving a few paragraphs on Yelp you can really help us get our name out there  so people who are required to take a DUI Level-1 course can find this one.  We have now had thousands of students who have taken our courses and so many of you call up to thank us and we truly appreciate your feedback and support.  In our survey that asks if you would refer this course to a friend or family member we receive overwhelming responses of DEFINITELY!  We have listened to your feedback from student surveys and our course only continues to get better with each of your suggestions.  Thank you!!

D.G. Lund-Shaw, Founder





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