DUI/DWI 3 Month Alcohol and Drug Education Program

This course is generally taken by persons convicted of a first Driving Under the Influence offense with a blood alcohol level typically between a .08 and .19 BAC level. The program is equivalent to the three month, 30-hour AB-541.

Course Topics And Concepts

  • History of alcohol use and abuse
  • DUI/Drug laws and penalties
  • The dangers of drinking while intoxicated and driving a motor vehicle
  • Drugs other than alcohol
  • The effects of alcohol abuse on your family, friends, and co-workers
  • The costs of alcohol abuse on society
  • The personal costs of a DUI
  • How drugs and alcohol affect bodily organs and the nervous system
  • The health risks and effects of alcohol abuse
  • Addiction of alcohol and controlled substances
  • Resources and self-help

Our DUI 3 month program consists of two parts:


12 hours of Alcohol and Drug Education to be completed within 30 days.

PART 2                                    

18 hours of Alcohol and Drug Education/Group Counseling to be completed within 60 days

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  Easy and Fast…. We designed our program to get you through your requirements fast and efficiently, keeping you engaged with videos, images and interactivity while staying within mandated guidelines. Complete on a smart phone, tablet or computer.

 Affordable PricingWe have NO HIDDEN FEES…the price you see is all you will pay with no add-ons like with others – you even receive your certificate delivered FREE and IMMEDIATELY.

Guaranteed to PassNo one can fail this course! Unlimited free retakes of final exam- but no worries 99% pass their first try with a minimum 70% or higher score. Final exam questions are taken directly from end of section quiz questions.

24/7 Access… This program is designed to be self-paced and completed within 15 weeks. Course material can be logged in and out, any time of day or night….take it on YOUR SCHEDULE.


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  • It is your responsibility to determine whether our program and classes meets your requirements and we advise that you check with your court monitor, or other legal organization.
  • If you received your DUI in California and are now a Nevada resident, our  program is considered equivalent to AB-541. If you are a resident of another state, be sure you have obtained permission prior to taking Part 1 and have sent us your referral documentation to support@abcdrivesafe.com
  • To Begin Part 2:

    A) Find your registration link in the email you used to purchase your course. (look in Spam and Junk folder if not in your Inbox)

    B) You can use your same User ID  you created in Part 1 of your 3-month program. You will not need to fill in your registration information again.

    C) Launch your course.